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Most records about the past prior to the 1930’s are public (and even more recent ones sometimes). But that doesn’t mean they are not hidden. Hidden from dinner table conversations, hidden from important intergenerational health discussions and hidden by what I think is misplaced shame. In my experience, hidden by boring beige people on a power trip. (Did I just say that? Whoops, I forgot to mention I am not one of those people who thinks that I should be entirely nice about people consciously still stigmatising meaningful mental health discussions in 2021).

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the great unbox #1

I’ve been known to be a bit of a judgmental cow about alcohol consumption. So I thought it a good idea to be an elitist cow too and sample more quality boutique gin. The truth is my Dad hated alcohol with a vengeance, due to his own history with his first wife (not my Mum) and her family. He took this hatred to extremes, so I grew up really think alcohol was the devil.